Welcome to The Web Fixers

I’ll bet you knew that more and more people are evaluating your business by viewing your web site before ever visiting or calling you, right?

They may use the web to locate the products and services that they need, or check the web for coupons or look for special sales, some shoppers need directions, or phone numbers, or need to know where you are and your business hours or what parking is nearby.

Your website is your first opportunity to sell your business, and to bring folks in, giving you another opportunity to close that sale. Let me help you…

Websites that have all the expected information do well, what visitors expect is what you absolutely need to provide today. But if you want them back you go one step further. I do this with telling the future with Runes

A restaurnat would post weekly specials, a menu, retail would offer coupons or specials, a photographer would post slideshows and manage their own portfolio. You can choose you own and control it yourself – especially if you take the step to edit your site yourself.

Why learn? It takes minutes to accomplish yourself what it would take hours to instruct someone else, and most web companies put these tyes of changes in a queue, and unless you pay premium… you are not at the top of their list.

When you want something done… ask us to teach you how.


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