Runes… to tell your future

Why is this here?

To show you that you can have something active on your site.
Visitors stop by each day to play and then browse… this is goodness all around. If I were selling Rune sets, visitors would know right away when I had a sale or a new item!.

Press to select your Rune for the Day

What are Runes?

Ancient Celts used the Runes as an alphabet, and also a divination tool. Today, people use this Single Rune Draw for an idea to contemplate for that day or for a quick nudge toward the answer to a simple question.

On the next page you’ll find a short message the rune that was chosen carries. There is a positive or negative aspect to each rune that could give you a yes or no answer, and runes can represents a number that might also help to guide you…. ask your question, or empty your mind, and press here.

Press here…  to Draw Oden’s Rune

Just think of question,

or clear your thoughts,

and press here.